A little about us, past, present and future

Yikes! I’m not even sure where to start in writing a bio about myself and if I can do my job right and create fabulous photographs is it that important? Well, I’m guessing as you’re reading you’ve got some interest so here goes (oh and I don’t shoot weddings with my phone – in case you were looking at the photograph).  I don’t run the business by myself, house management (also known as Tracy my wife) plays a huge part and helps with the admin, album proofing and she helps make sure everything runs smoothly between having her own job and spending time with our fab kids!

As of 2020 we’ve been in business for 11 years as a full time professional photography studio. For the first three years we didn’t charge much, instead plundering our savings and allowing me to follow my dreams and create a solid foundation for the business. I shot weddings, products, commercial and portraits (pretty much anything that helped to make a living). The downsides to this approach are two fold – burnout and being a jack of all trades but of course, master of non. It didn’t take me long to just concentrate on the weddings and portraits.  I still wonder how photographers can afford to charge £500 for a wedding and album and actually feed their kids and pay their bills. Anyway I digress.

We’ve achieved a few awards over the years and qualifications from the Royal Photographic Society and Master Photographers Association.

Roll on to 2021 and we are coming to the end of our busiest period ever and by the end of 2020 we will have shot nearing 50 weddings in this year alone.  Our studio has been redesigned and out has gone the portrait business, we now just concentrate on weddings. Having now shot several hundred weddings it’s something I know extremely well and love doing.

Over the last few years we have gained the trust and recommendations of several wedding venues, florists, make up artists, cake makers and of course the on going recommendations from our wonderful clients. I’m delighted to say that over three quarters of our business comes from recommendation.

In my spare time I run the business (it’s a work / pleasure / hobby / life thing – ask any self employed person). I love my movies (sci-fi mainly) and the precious time I have with my growing family. I love to shoot for pleasure too when time allows – which this year has been quite rare.

As for the future, I’m always planning ahead and for 2019 I’m delighted to say we’ve now received our permission for commercial operations from the CAA which means (venue permitting) we can legally produce ariel photography and videography.

We do shoot all over the country with the majority of our weddings in Wakefield, Castleford, Pontefract, Leeds, York and Selby.


Speak soon!